In 2014 , I began to sketch again after almost a 10 year hiatus. I started with doodles on napkins that eventually turned into actual pieces of art. I was so motivated and inspired it started flowing out of me faster than I could keep up. All of that creativity was just in a long slumber building up inside of me all of those years. All of the bolts of inspiration and ideas couldn't wait to be transferred onto paper.

I am self taught, and have been drawing since I was a small child. In my body of work, I have tried to capture all of the small details, bright colors, shapes, and lines found in my every day life. Recently, I have been adding to my new series of QP Dolls and celebrity inspired illustrations.

My art is inspired by my daily observations of the world around me. Every piece draws references from all of my experiences, my growing up in a Dominican family as a first generation American, born in Brooklyn, growing up in Jersey, now living in Queens. Everything I create has bits and pieces derived  from pop culture, movies, nature, graffiti, antique photographs, vintage advertising, world cultures, tattoos, textiles, textures,  wallpapers; pretty much anything.

My hope is that this body of work enables the viewer to stop and “smell the roses” so to speak and take notice of all of the details and colors surrounding their everyday lives.

In 2016, I signed with Vivid Art Agency ( in hopes of expanding my market and licensing my artwork worldwide.

Upcoming Shows & Exhibits

May 21-23, 2017 Surtex @ Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York, NY (Booth #2823)

April 5-6, 2017 Pancakes & Booze Art Show @M1-5 Lounge, New York, NY

Previous Exhibits

2016 RAW Artist Showcase @ Melrose Ballroom Astoria, New York

2015 Astoria Art Festival, Astoria, New York

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